How to Build Mobile Applications Easily and Cost-Effectively

Adam Blum

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We’ve had over a thousand customers sign up to the RhoHub service over the last month since we launched on November 4th at the iPhone Developer Summit. They are now asking “ok I’ve built my app really quickly. Now what do I need to do to distribute it on the App Store or elsewhere?” We ask that you either open source your app by making the source public and putting a GPLv3 license on it (we’ll automate this latter step soon). Or purchase a commercial license if you want to keep your source private. Some people say “oh, you’re dual licensing like MySQL. So does that mean that I get to use it and not pay as I don’t with my MySQL based website?” Companies such as Google have thousands of MySQL servers running without paying license fees for it, due to a loophole in the GPL (in both GPLv2 and GPLv3) known as the “Google exception” or “ASP exception”. Specifically that ... (more)

App Store Rules

The iPhone and the Apple App Store have been THE critical agents in changing the mobile consumer’s attitude with regard to mobile applications.  Specifically they have converted virtually all smartphone users (beyond just the iPhone) to wanting and expecting to use native apps on their mobile devices.  This is a huge sea change in behavior, especially for U.S. consumers.  As enabling technology for building smartphone apps, we (Rhomobile) are hugely grateful for the investment that Apple made here and resulting success of this new category of software.  I also personally apprec... (more)

Utilizing Web Development Skills to Build Native Smartphone Apps

Yesterday RIM announced their Widget SDK.  We’re excited about about this at Rhomobile because it is further validation of the strategy to utilize developer’s web skills to build great native apps.  We often find ourselves having to explain “yes - it does let you write your interface in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. No - it’s NOT a mobile web app. It’s a true native app”.  It’s great to have RIM out there helping to explain the power of using familiar, productive declarative web-based programming skills to build apps that run local on the device and fully leverage the full power of... (more)

Building Smartphone Apps

Smartphone apps are the most exciting trend in computing since the advent of web apps.  How do you as a developer take advantage of this?  More generally, how do you do that and get maximum reach for your app across the diversity of smartphones out there.  If you’re writing a consumer app you can get away with just targeting the iPhone (albeit missing some market opportunity).  If you’re writing a business app you need to be able to reach all the users in the enterprise.   There just are no homogeneous mobile device environments in any place but the smallest mom and pop shops n... (more)

RhoGallery – the Enterprise App Store

The best product ideas always come from customers. As an open source company, we’ve always had the advantage of a community of tens of thousands of Rhodes developers to help provide feedback on product direction as well as contributions to the product. This community helped to spur creation of RhoHub, the first Development as a Service for mobile. Our RhoHub community also has been asking for some solution to how to install and manage the plethora of apps that RhoHub enables. We initially tried to refer this opportunity to existing players in this space (“mobile app management” ... (more)